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Maleficent (Or What I Like to Call: How Angie Got Her Wings Back) Movie Review

Maleficent (Or What I Like to Call: How Angie Got Her Wings Back) Movie Review


  • I was pretty sure I wanted to be Maleficent for Halloween from the previews of the movie and this sweet decal of Angelina I saw on the side of a bus, but now I KNOW I want to be her for Halloween.

  • Reasons: that horned HAT. Gimme. The black cape, duh. And she’s just such a bad ass bitch in in this movie. Read on.

  • It’s actually my favorite Angelina Jolie movie now. Let’s be real people, scorned fairy is a way better look for her than Russian spy (Salt) or American spy that’s married to Brad Pitt the spy (Mrs. Smith). Scorned fairy, you guys. That little weirdo.

  • I’ve been on Team Anniston since the dawn of time, (or like, since about halfway through the series of Friends because legs and hair, duh) but dammmmmnn! Maybe I get it now?

  • The part at the end when she looks like Lara Croft, Castle Raider and she’s like “I got my wings back, mother fucker, look at my leather pants!”

  • Okay, and there was this article. I think it’s a stretch and not Disney’s intention. But the metaphor is there, fo sho. Angie even said so here.
  • But then there was also this commentary on Disney villians by Alida Nugent via her inspiring blog The Frenemy: “[Maleficent was just] pissed off she didn’t get invited to a party, which I totally agree with, just invite her….You don’t always like the all the people you invite to big events, especially if you own a KINGDOM, deal with it Mr. and Mrs. Beauty. [And she] pulls off [an] amazing classic horned hat, like Lady Gaga or Bjork….Nothing against Sleeping Beauty, I respect the sisterhood, but honestly would you want to hang out with a girl who constantly talks with animals about her dream of a perfect man…or a lady who specifically chooses to wear black capes and is also a DRAGON. Just sayin’.”
  • Overall rating: B+ ….It’s some of Disney’s best work, including some parts of Frozen and also The Lion King on Broadway. 

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